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S T E P  ·  1
FRED (50's - 60's)


Fred is a drug lord. He’s fifty four years old. His father worked as a gardener. Fred takes his fathers persona when he leaves the house. Few people know what he looks like. He doesn’t fear anyone. He sees himself as
the smartest person in the room, and he’s been right so far.

Natural authority, and militant direct approach. 





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The Promise is the story of a family whose son is diagnosed with cancer, and in their greatest hour of need,

is left in the cold by the system they normally rely on. They are suddenly forced to find the money for his treatment on their own.


It’s a story about trying to save your child,

and the sacrifice and moral decay that goes with it. What is a parent willing to do?


My eldest son got sick when he was a baby. For a year I couldn’t work because of
it. We were broke, and we didn’t care as long as he got better.

Going through the hospital system, it became obvious that the system is for some, but not for all.
We were lucky, but I saw how desperate the situation can be if your child is in
danger, and you can’t get the help you need. That’s how this film came about.


The father in The Promise deals with his own fear of losing his son, while
desperately trying to save him. He experiences the beauty of life while at the same
time facing the Grim Reaper. Everything he believes in is questioned, everything he
normally wouldn’t do, he’ll do. He’s slowly erased in order to protect his loved ones.


It all begins with the promise all parents make when they hold their child for the
first time “I’ll take care of you. I’ll keep you safe.”

It’s simple.

And that’s how I’m going to handle The Promise;

simple, three chords
and the truth.


- Torben Bech

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